Month: February 2018

Reviving Your Relationship

In a long term relationship, there are going to be times when you feel like your relationship is no longer how it used to be. You might feel that you are not as sweet to each other anymore, or that you no longer talk to each other as much as you did before. You can still feel the love there but it’s like you are just not exerting as much effort anymore to be as close to each other. If your relationship is going through this phase, here are some of the most effective and scientifically proven ways to...

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Pros and Cons to Dating Your Best Friend

Best friends are a valuable resource, they’re always there for when you need them, you can open up to them when you need to and you can date them if you’re ever so inclined. Having a bestie is great and they’re the natural choice for a romantic relationship, but there’s a whole set of things to consider when you’re thinking of dating your best friend and not all of them are positive.   Love is a fickle and capricious thing no matter how much we idealize it. Your best friend is a relationship based on trust and understanding, to...

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The Dream Awakes

I to blow on the chaotic street in the laser engraving machine wind to fondly remember happiness, I was thinking of in the familiar environment yesterday, I was recollecting joyfully nearby the vast sea, I was air flow meter tasting sadly under the sob sky, I smiled in front of the mirror. Sobs at the back of the mirror, I am pursuing recycling machine your happiness livelily in the dream, I awake in the dream hurry am avoiding your joy, I wake in only then mine night, feel sorrowful. Do sad Igeotextile the sorrow I, why see clearly not...

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