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What is anal bleaching

Anal bleaching refers to the cosmetic procedure of lightning the discoloured areas of skin around the anus to give it a more natural and aesthetically pleasing look.

Once the sole preserve of A-list celebrities and adult film actresses, anal bleaching has become a mainstream beauty treatment for both men and women.  While the treatment is still more popular with women, many men have now hopped on the anal bleaching bandwagon.

Read on to find out why men are embracing this intimate bleaching treatment, how to go about bleaching your butt and why many of the safety concerns surrounding anal bleaching are often exaggerated, based on misinformation and easily prevented.

Benefits of male anal bleaching

Although anal bleaching is about getting that natural look downstairs, the results of the treatment extend far beyond the physical.  Anal play has become an increasingly prevalent aspect of many couples’ sex-lives.  Women have been self-conscious about the intimate area for some time, but men too are now getting in on the beauty treatment – and why not?

This means that as well as reducing melanin in discoloured areas of skin (the pigment responsible for hyper-pigmentation), anal bleaching has the power to restore men’s self-confidence in the bedroom which can make you feel more attractive and give your sex-life a nudge in the right direction.

The specific lightening treatment that will work best for you depends on a number of factors including:

  • The extent of your hyper-pigmentation (and natural skin tone)
  • Whether you have any dermatological issues/skin sensitivity
  • Your budget
  • How keen you are to keep the treatment private

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular anal bleaching options, the pros and cons of each and the kind of results you can expect:

  • Home anal bleaching kits

DIY anal bleaching kits are by far the most popular option for male anal bleaching.  This is because they are relatively inexpensive, easily available (at health and beauty shops or online), and allow you to perform the anal bleaching treatment in the privacy of your own home.

Remember that – depending on the strength of the bleach – you will have to apply multiple treatments and that the results will vary according to your natural skin tone and ethnicity.

  • Professional spa treatments

While male anal bleaching has become less of a taboo subject, the idea of getting it done by a spa technician might be too much for even the most open-minded renaissance man.  Don’t rule out this option straightaway though.

Spa treatments often use stronger bleaches than those available on the consumer market.  Not only that but providing you visit a reputable spa, the results are likely to be more professional than those you could achieve at home.  Just remember to do your research, go by customer reviews and, if you arrive and aren’t impressed by the level of cleanliness/presentation of the spa, don’t be afraid to make like a tree.

  • Laser anal whitening

Laser anal whitening can be considered one of the ‘big guns’ in terms of male anal whitening treatments.  This option is far more expensive than DIY or spa treatments, but the results can last far longer or even reman permanent.  Bear in mind that because the laser is physically stripping off the discoloured layers of skin (don’t worry, you’ll be given a local anaesthetic!), your skin is likely to be very sensitive in between appointments.  Laser anal whitening is perfect for those who have tried home bleaching kits and are now ready to take the next step.

  • Cryosurgery

While it might sound like something out of The Demolition Man, cryosurgery is at the forefront of male anal bleaching technologies.  Cryosurgery works by harnessing the freezing temperatures of liquid nitrogen to kill off discoloured skin cells and stimulate the growth of lighter skin.  As you might expect, this anal bleaching treatment does not come cheap.

On the plus-side, the results of cryosurgery are usually longer-lasting than anal bleaching treatments.  Because of the efficacy of cryosurgery men have reported some more serious short-term side-effects such as scarring, blisters or infection – although this is rare as cryosurgery treatment packages will often include a short course of antibiotics.

Male anal bleaching kits 

Although anal bleaching kits are often marketed at women, the reality is that men around the world have now discovered the benefits of intimate lightning treatments and want a piece of the booty bleaching pie.

When looking for an anal bleaching kits, you should make sure that it includes the following accessories:

  • Anal bleaching cream/gel. This is the product that you will directly learn more here about applying the cream to your intimate area.  Not all bleaches are created equal.  Always research the ingredients of the product.  We’d recommend choosing a bleach made of natural ingredients.  Avoid acid-based ingredients and concentrated hydroquinone solutions (more on that later on!)
  • The applicator. You will use the applicator to apply the anal bleach.  Although there isn’t one standard design, bear in mind that the booty isn’t exactly the most accessible area.  Consider the size of your hands and general body shape when selecting a DIY bleaching kit.
  • Mixing trays. Many high quality DIY bleaching kits include a mixing tray to make it easy to fill the applicator.

When selecting a particular brand of anal bleaching kit it can be extremely helpful to look at customer reviews online.  Testimonials on manufacturers’ websites can often be overwhelmingly (and unconvincingly) positive.  First-person reviews contain more detail and are generally more reliable sources of information.   

What is hydroquinone?   

If you’ve already been researching male anal bleaching treatments then the chances are you’ve encountered some terrifying-sounding warnings about the dangers of hydroquinone.  Hydroquinone is a strong bleaching solution which is very effective at lightening the skin but can have some serious side-effects.  As such, it has been banned in all EU countries and across Asia.  Some male anal bleaching kits still include hydroquinone in small concentrations but we’d recommend leaving these stronger products in the hands of qualified spa technicians.

Is anal bleaching for me? 

Ultimately, the choice of whether to anal bleach or not is a very personal one.  As we’ve mentioned, there are some side effects associated with the procedure, but the benefits of intimate male beauty treatments – including increased self-confidence and a better body image – can outweigh these drawbacks.  Furthermore, doing your research and avoiding powerful chemicals like hydroquinone helps to minimise the risk of experiencing any negative effects.

If you do decide to treat your butt to a bleaching treatment then choose your products carefully and be safe.  Good luck.


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